Don’t Blame Me…

When you said ‘let’s keep it casual’
Don’t blame me
For accepting.
I wanted some fun.

When you’re making me moan
Don’t blame me
When your unfaltering gaze penetrates
Into the depths of my soul.

When you suggested dinner
Don’t blame me
That my appetite
Began to grow.

When we curled up on the bed
Don’t blame me
For the warmth
I began to crave.

When you say such sweet words
Don’t blame me
When the bibliophile in me
Longs for your poetry.

When my phone lights up in honor of your texts
Don’t blame me
When my face begins to shine also
In collaboration with the stars.

When you compliment me
Don’t blame me
When I fear when you accolade others,
For I know the sweetness of your affection.
And better yet I know the effect you have.

When you come to me despondent
Don’t blame me
When I sit awake all night,
playing with your hair while you fall asleep.

And when I want to spend more time with you…
Don’t blame me.
And when I begin to distance myself…
Don’t blame me.

But when you finally realize that I began to fall,
That’s when you can blame me
Because this was just casual.


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